Month: March 2016

Very Hard

Yesterday Lion said he was very horny. I think that’s good news. I like when he’s very horny. He says I only make it worse when I play with him. I offered to ignore him for the night. No touching.

Defining “Strict”

One thing that turns me on is when Mrs. Lion is strict with me. In terms of a power exchange, the concept of strictness can be a slippery slope. For a top to be strict, there is an implicit assumption

Losing Interest

I was out of ideas again yesterday. Actually, I was concentrating on getting caught up on chores and I hadn’t thought much about playing. I’ve been trying to schedule afternoon activities on at least one weekend day. Sometimes it doesn’t

Don’t Touch

One of the very first rules I was given was that I was not allowed to masturbate. Obviously, almost all of the time that is impossible. I’m locked in my chastity device almost all of the time. In the past,