Month: April 2016

The No-Choice Choice

Yesterday Lion and I had our customary email conversation. Here’s an excerpt: Lion: Uneventful drive today. Uneventful day, pretty much. 2.0: I’m sure your day will pick up after dinner. 😉 I don’t know. Just a feeling I have. Lion:

The Other 23 and 1/2 Hours

Writing about enforced male chastity is sometimes difficult if you are keeping a daily journal. After all, the essence of this kink is lack of interesting activity. My penis is safely locked away, unavailable for anything  beyond peeing. It gets

It All Works Out in the End

Since our failed attempt at anal training on Sunday, I haven’t shoved anything up Lion’s butt. Last night I decided we should backtrack to the medium nJoy plug. It went in easily. I thought it might. The purpose was just

Domestic Discipline Is Difficult

We have gotten some very interesting comments in response to my post about punishment. A key theme in these comments is the emotional effect that physical punishment has on both the disciplining wife and the disciplined male. Based on the