Month: May 2016

Roller Coaster Ride

Lion was incorrect about two things yesterday. I never said he won’t get the job he’s interviewing for. I said he’ll be crushed if he doesn’t get it. He is correct that he needs to stay positive about it. He

Sexual GPS

The Memorial Day weekend is over. I have two interviews today with a great company. Mrs. Lion was correct yesterday in her post. There is little chance I will actually get the job. [Mrs. Lion – I never said he

Two Strikes. You’re Out!

We’ve been having a rough time lately. Lion is feeling bad about being out of work. I’m feeling bad that he’s out of work. We just haven’t been meshing well. Yesterday he asked if I still felt the same way


The energy in an enforced chastity relationship can leak out like air from a balloon. What’s left in the end is a sad, wrinkled, little rubber sack. The bright, party color is still vibrant, but the energy is gone. Nothing