Month: May 2016

He’ll Be Restrained

One of the perils of a three day weekend is knowing you have an extra day. Oh, we can do that tomorrow…. I guess we really did what we do every weekend. We let the day quietly slip away so

There’s No “I” In Quit

Enforced chastity seems to be one of those things that are exceedingly easy to quit. Here’s what typically happens: He proposes enforced chastity. He has been reading about it for a long time. Finally he gets up the nerve to

A Normal Weekend With the Lions

I considered giving Lion an orgasm last night. I was using the Magic Wand and that usually makes him very excited. His scheduled date was the 26th, but he had an orgasm on the 22nd. He hasn’t exactly been waiting

It’s For More Than Chastity

Some people got the idea that we were through with enforced chastity and done with this blog. Apparently my post yesterday gave that impression to a few people. This is not the case at all. The blog is alive and