Month: June 2016

I was wrong. I said I was feisty. I said 2.0 would be out. I was wrong about many things yesterday and Lion pointed a lot of them out. I didn’t defend myself. It’s somewhat exhausting to be on the

We’ve arrived safely at our campsite. The trailer is set up, satellite working well. Our LTE internet is so slow as to be useless. We’ve run into this before.We go somewhere the cell service is better and upload our posts.

By the time you read this we hope to be at or near our destination along the mighty Columbia river. It will be nice to get away. Lion loves the heat. The dog loves wading in the river. I love

Yesterday, I wrote (link) about a view of enforced chastity that doesn’t center on  the male abstaining from orgasm. It was about the keyholder using the male’s penis as a toy for her own pleasure. His orgasms become a problem