Month: June 2016

A Little Gratitude is Expected

I surprised Lion last night by remembering his punishment. Normally I give him any swats due before we play. He’d reminded me earlier in the day and I had forgotten. I unlocked him as usual and eventually I edged him

It’s Not About Your Orgasms

We get comments fairly regularly about the conflict between a keyholder’s desire for penetration and the male’s desire to remain locked in enforced chastity. One of our readers, Collaredmichael wrote: We are in our second trial contract that will go

I Love That Face

I don’t think Lion really liked my characterization of our life as “routine.” I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I meant it in the sort of way that people who live together have to develop a routine. When

Chastity Contract

We worked all weekend getting ready for our first trip.. We’re very close to ready. The truck’s fueled, tires correctly inflated, food and drink aboard, and electronics tested and ready. Mrs. Lion’s stowed her vacation toy bag. I haven’t had