Month: July 2016

Lion and I have been suffering from the same tummy issue for days. We haven’t always eaten the same thing so we’re thinking it’s some sort of virus. As a result, we didn’t play last night. We did snuggle and

My recent posts have stimulated a very interesting discussion. One part of it is about how we males change in relation to when we had our last orgasm. There is no question in my mind that these reactions vary widely

Lion has been counting down the days until his new job starts. I have been counting down the days until his all-you-can-come buffet ends. At this point, if he receives an orgasm tonight, he won’t go out with a bang,

My last post talked about male masturbation control and the question of what, if any controls the keyholder/disciplining wife should have on her solo sessions. There was a comment responding to the post that cites a classic male fantasy about