Month: July 2016

Paging 2.0

Lion is feeling a lot better. He may not be 100% yet but I’m not as worried about him. We decided not to take our trip so he can fully recover and we can get him ready for his first

What’s Good For The Gander

I’ve been seeing blog posts about curing males of the nasty masturbation habit. A great many of these posts are based on an earlier one that posited that when men masturbate, they lose interest in their partners and behave poorly

On the Mend

You probably noticed the lack of Lion post this morning. While he figured out that the source of his problem was a switch in medication, he was still in no shape to write a post last night. As instructed, however,

Sorry I’m Late

I know my post is very late today. I was quite sick yesterday. It was strange. I was sleepy, coughing and stuffy, but still didn’t feel like I had a cold or flu. I finally decided it might be the