Month: August 2016

Benevolent Mrs. Lion

I forgot all about Zapardy! until the other day when Lion was getting an amazing amount of answers correct and he said it was too bad we weren’t playing. He might not have been zapped at all. Where’s the fun

Punishment Is Good For Me

Monday night I received a deserved spanking. Over the long weekend I managed to interrupt Mrs. Lion more than once. This is a bad habit I truly want to break. I may not drink or smoke, but I do find

Got You Covered

Lion is still a horny boy. You’d think I would have bought myself some time by giving him an orgasm Saturday night, but no. He was horny last night. I edged him quite a few times. I almost went a

Abstinence May Not Make The Heart Grow Fonder

I keep reading about guys who want to be challenged to wait longer and longer between ejaculations. Initially, this is a very exciting, if somewhat contradictory idea; doing without sex because it is so sexually exciting to be denied. I