Month: September 2016

I Win

Apparently I’m more competitive than I thought I was. When I was taking a shower last night, I realized that Lion had never told me it was punishment night. Sometimes he says it in an email and it gets lost

Ethical Submissive

“But I’m not a sub!” you say. “All we do is enforced chastity.” Enforced chastity is a consensual power exchange where the male surrenders sexual control to his keyholder. That surrender is submission. I don’t usually pay much attention at

Weenie and the Boys

Some women don’t like penises and balls. They don’t like oral sex. The idea repulses them. Similarly, some men don’t like vaginas and oral sex repulses them too. I always figured if a woman was willing to perform oral sex

It’s Just Not That Interesting

If you’ve been reading our posts for very long, you know that a female led relationship and/or enforced chastity isn’t 24/7 kink. Both of us have full lives individually and as a couple that have nothing at all to do