Month: September 2016

That’s Life

Just to prove me wrong, Lion was horny last night. Who knows how these things work? We just take advantage of it when it happens. Since we didn’t play Monday night because of emergency refrigerator repairs, Lion had been locked

Dual Pouch Briefs

Yesterday was one of those days I dread. For some unknown reason, I wasn’t aligned well in my cage. I carry a Q-tip to help deal with this sort of thing. But, my penis was being stubborn and the urinal


As I’ve said in previous posts, Lion and I are both hurting. He is also “suffering” from unhorniness. In the past, Lion has felt the need to apologize for his lack of libido. There’s really no need. I’m always understanding

How Long Is Long Enough

There is a wide variation in the amount of time that guys in enforced chastity wait between orgasms. From my reading, the general size of the wait is requested by the male. Some get pretty extreme, at least from my