Month: October 2016

Lion has been doing his best not to get in trouble. He’s even been asking for permission to do things and asking me if he did a good job on chores. It seems strange so far. We never really discussed

Spanking is finding a place in our lives. I don’t mean the sort of spankings that come in a BDSM scene, but the punishment kind that hurts from beginning to end. It isn’t an easy process. Adopting a domestic discipline

Lion has been wild for a few days. He has a doctor’s appointment on Monday and we didn’t want any evidence of the cage showing. He tends to get a reddish mark from the base ring that may not hurt,

I took a trip down memory lane and went back to reread some of the material that turned me on in the very beginning.  The very first enforced chastity information I found was a post on that provided a