Month: October 2016

Don’t Stop!

Last night Lion warned me that he was very horny and I needed to be careful. I asked why. He reasoned that I may go too far in edging him. That may be true but he should be careful too.

Behind The Magic

“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…” This famoust line from a song in “Mary Poppins” cheerfully articulates one of the key principles in human motivation. It’s easy to get someone who is motivated to do something.


Part of the reason I find it funny when Lion spills food on himself is the look on his face and his silliness in trying to hide the stain. Another part of it is that I feel like I won

Eat Your Broccoli

Last night both of us were itching. In my case it is probably the dog. She’s off for a bath today, which will make things better for me. I’m not sure why Mrs. Lion was scratching too. In any case,