Month: November 2016

I Get What I Want

Lion has been talking lately about conditioning. He wants me to get him to a point that some task becomes a habit for him. For example, if I want him to do the laundry, I need to remind him the

The Joy Of No Choice

Mrs. Lion and I have written quite a bit lately about discipline. I know, based on comments and emails, that some people are surprised that we have adopted domestic discipline. I’ve been thinking about this decision as well as the

Paws Off!

One thing I forgot to mention from the other night’s sleeping pill-induced sexcapade, was that while Lion was unlocked he tried to get himself hard. It was one of those things that you see, but you don’t believe you’re seeing

A Month Of Sundays

Sunday night was momentous for me. We played in our dungeon. Mrs. Lion wrote about that yesterday. But the big event didn’t come until much later right before bed. Mrs. Lion let me give her an oral orgasm. It’s been