Month: November 2016

Nippy NIght

Lion had a very eventful day yesterday. I put him in the sling and proceeded to give him some anal attention. It’s been a while so I took it slow. Just my fingers at first, and then I used a

Who Asked Me?

A lot of what Mrs. Lion writes is about what I want and don’t want. It’s true she’s writing about things that happen to me. She likes to hear my reactions to what she does. But am I the customer

Time Flies

Why is it that when you’re at work, a day lasts so long, but when you have a four-day weekend, it’s over in the blink of an eye? I had plans. (Actually my plan was to sleep until Saturday, which

Adverse Stimulus

Sometimes I don’t think I am very bright. Here I am on this blog having written over 1,000 posts and the light bulb finally goes on. I finally get it. Let me back up a bit. Last night we went