Year: 2016

No Bueno

One thing I am sure of, after nearly 2000 posts and three years, is that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m still fumbling around like it’s my first day. Sure I’ve gotten better at unlocking and relocking Lion.

Starting Enforced Chastity: Do It Her Way

We get a regular flow of comments and requests from guys who say their partners aren’t interested in enforced chastity or FLR. Generally they actually have no idea if they are interested or not. They just assume it. When you


Lion is home for the rest of the week. He’d planned on Friday. I have Friday off as well. However, when Lion got to work yesterday it was like a ghost town. Everyone is on vacation. There’s no need for

2.0 Is Here To Stay

Monday is Punishment Day in the Lions’ den. The holiday threw me off and I didn’t remind Mrs. Lion of it. That’s a standing rule. I have to let her know by 8:30 PM on the day in question. Monday