Year: 2017

We started off the morning with a blueberry walnut pancake and bacon breakfast. Then we watched our football team with the horrible record actually win the last regular season game. That’s huge! And it made us both very happy. Today

You’d think that after almost 3,000 posts we’ve said all we can possibly say about our sexual relationship. My relationship with you might be like an old, married couple. What was tantalizing in the beginning is now pleasant, but routine.

Lion’s back hurt yesterday. He doesn’t know what he did to it but I suggested he may have tweaked it carrying laundry up and down the stairs. It’s easy enough to do without even realizing it. Since he was fine

I’ve had some time to wander around the blogosphere. In my travels, I’ve discovered that there are quite a few people, women mostly, who celebrate their bodies. That’s probably no surprise to you. But what delighted me was that these