Year: 2017

I Love My Work

(Friday) My allergies have been incredibly active lately. Itching keeps me from sleep as well as overwhelming any sexual interest I might have. As a result, we are in my 27th day of waiting. Mrs. Lion wanted to take an

One Of My Favorite Blogs

I’m an avid reader of other blogs about male chastity, spanking, and lifestyle power exchanges. I’m a big fan of Strict Julie Spanks, a blog that accurately reports BDSM scenes between Julie and her husband. The reason this site deserves

Sexy Emails

Lion wasn’t up for play lat night. His arm hurt from PT. He was itchy. And he just hasn’t been in the mood. He has a theory about his allergies so we’re waiting to see if the fix helps. He

A Fine Mess

Day 25 came and went. I wasn’t interested. Sex just isn’t interesting right now. I really didn’t expect to lose interest, especially since I was being edged daily. But, at day 23 I just didn’t care. I’m not sure how