Month: January 2017

Glutton for Punishment

Master of his own demise, Lion ordered capsaicin oil to mix with the coconut oil. Glutton for punishment. He says I can mix it any strength I want depending on how much I want him to suffer. Uh huh. How

Ear Tag

I was wild all last week. It was because I was on a business trip. I got home late Friday night. I remained wild all weekend. I loved it! My cage sat on my dresser, looking down disapprovingly at my

Slippery Lion

Lion came up with an idea the other day. He wanted to try mixing coconut oil with the peppermint or ginger oil we have. He knows how good coconut oil feels as a lube. He wondered how the heat of

Redefining Roles

Earlier this week I wrote about the lifelong humiliation we males suffer due to our dependency on our wives for sex and emotional support. Wouldn’t you expect women to revel in this power position? I think that many find it