Month: January 2017

Welcome Home

Lion was gone for a week. Apparently he forgot things while he was away. Like maybe, who’s in charge. He forgot his manners. He forgot his equipment. I’m glad I’m here to remind him. We went out to get the

Mrs. Lion’s Hobby (NSFW)

One key activity that many males in enforced chastity enjoy is tease and deny. In my case that means Mrs. Lion masturbates me just enough to get me on the edge of ejaculation and stops. This is an extreme form

Computers Make It Easy

This morning we had our first weigh-in. Now we have a starting point by which to judge all weigh-ins. My first thought was to go with a pound a week loss. It seems to be a rational start. Lion thinks

Universal Enforced Chastity

I’m sitting at the departure gate waiting for my flight home. I got an email from Mrs. Lion earlier in the day. She said that she had lunch with two women she works with. Mrs. Lion commented that she needs