Month: February 2017

The Important Things

Lion’s streak of daily orgasms ended at one. In his defense, we found an Indian restaurant that has unlimited food and we both ate more than we should have. Our tummies were full and protesting. Plus Lion’s shoulder is really

Daily Lion Orgasms

As you might imagine, I’m not all that interested in sex right now. I’m learning that Mrs. Lion can make me interested even if I start out not being in the mood. There’s no question that I’m not accustomed to

Orgasm Workout

I was wrong. Lion was horny yesterday. So I thought I’d take advantage of it and start his daily orgasm workout. I think by Wednesday he may be sorry he suggested this experiment. When we were all snuggled in for

Mrs. Lion Has A Tawse

A package arrived yesterday. It was something I ordered over a month ago. I will regret buying it. But you know me, I just can’t resist. It’s a genuine, three-tailed English tawse, extra-heavy weight. I found this on a British