Month: February 2017

All Talk

After my post yesterday, saying I wanted Lion to wait until March, I decided he had suffered long enough. I was teasing him orally and the slightest movements seemed to be getting him close. When I decided to give him

Turn Back The Clock

The other night, as Mrs. Lion finished putting my cage back on after teasing, she said that maybe in March after my orgasm, I would have to come every night for as many days as I waited this time. That

The Bottom Line

I find myself starting to waver. Part of me wants Lion to wait till March for an orgasm, and part of me wants to give him one today. So far, despite his best efforts, I’ve been able to restrain myself.

Getting Real

Like most guys who get into enforced chastity and domestic discipline, I like to think of these activities as sexy games. As long as the waits aren’t too long and the punishments not too severe, the reality of what we