Month: March 2017

Lion’s surgery date is set. D-day, of sorts. He’s still going back and forth about whether he wants it or not. I think he knows he needs it, but he’s afraid of the unknown of recovery. We’re trying to get

Our male chastity practice is being challenged. The carefully built routine is disrupted in a very unexpected way: My shoulder injury is serious and will require surgery and a long period of recuperation. Before surgery I am suffering considerable shoulder

We have not been playing. We haven’t been snuggling much either. I had the idea to let Lion take the lead on things, he rejected the idea, and I never really picked the ball back up. This morning, Lion suggested

I read a post on one of the female-dominant blogs that reminded me of a common error in the “femdom” mythology. It talked about how a man will agree to anything when extremely aroused. The myth  claims that just before