Playtime for Lion

Lion lasted just over three minutes with an enema yesterday. In fairness, it was a Fleet enema which is supposed to work quickly. Next time we’ll use plain, warm water. He should be able to hold that longer.

While he was taking care of business, I searched for a few paddles I knew were hiding in the spare bedroom. Everything is hiding in there. It’s basically a large closet with a bed under mounds of stuff. I found the paddles I was looking for, plus a few more things. I’d been looking for the smaller nJoy butt plug for about a week. Lion ordered some new butt plugs and I wanted to see if they were bigger than the nJoy. One is bigger, but only by a little bit. The other is much larger.

Since Lion was all cleaned out and I had the nJoy in my hand, I decided he should have some anal play. Sometimes, after a long time away from anal play, he needs some priming before he can take even the smaller nJoy plug. He assured me it would be fine, and it was.

I need to back up a little bit. I noticed last week that Lion’s balls were getting a little fuzzy. I’m not sure when we manscaped last, but I wanted to take care of the fuzziness. I hadn’t really planned on playing at that exact moment. I remembered his furry balls, then I remembered the enema, then I found the nJoy and other paddles. It all just fell into place. As we were playing, Lion said he’d have to change his post. I knew he wrote one but hadn’t read it. Apparently he was lamenting the lack of play. It’s true. We haven’t played in a while. I mean, really played. I pulled out some clothespins about a week ago. Sometimes I slap Lion’s balls while I edge him. I guess those don’t count as actual play.

So, quite by accident, I did what Lion wanted me to do without realizing he wanted me to do it. Which, I think, is a problem. Not that I did what he wanted me to do, but that he didn’t tell me what he wanted. He says he doesn’t want to run things. I get that. But if he wrote a post, wouldn’t I read it and know he wanted play? And if I’m using clothespins and smacking his balls while I edge them, thinking it’s playing, and he doesn’t think it’s playing, that’s a problem too.

Anyway, with the nJoy firmly ensconced in Lion’s nether region, I took a nasty little flogger and whacked his balls. It’s probably too light to do anything to his tush, but I got it because it was a size I could handle. Most of the other floggers we have were made for Lion. And he knows what he’s doing with them. I have an aversion to things that are too flexible. They don’t go where I tell them to go and have a tendency to wrap. This little one is easier to use, but I still choked up a lot on the handle. At certain points, I was even holding it by the tails so I could be sure I was only hitting his balls. It’s more difficult to get any sort of force that way, but I didn’t want to hit vary hard. We are talking about his balls here. They can’t take much of a whomping.

By alternating between edging and smacking, I got Lion very hard. I know he was happy since he was able to come with only a day’s rest since his last orgasm. He has needed a two day rest recently. I’m not sure if it was the butt plug, the flogger, or a combination that got him so excited. I guess we’ll need to play more often. Once I get a clarification of what play is.

In my quest for toys, I also brought the blindfold upstairs from the dungeon. Months ago we talked about it and we each said we’d look for it downstairs. I figured, since I was thinking of it, I’d go get it. Now Lion has another thing to look forward to. Or dread. I’m not sure which.

One comment on “Playtime for Lion
  1. Blindfolds add so much to play. And to discipline. Sometimes When I am spanked, my wife blindfolds me. She then uses several implements often moving back and forth between 3-4 of them. I’m just getting used to the paddle when she switches to the horsewhip or the wooden spoon or something else. Each tool brings a whole new sensation and type of pain. The unknowing adds to the punishment.

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