Month: April 2017

Notice I didn’t say impatient Lion. He’s been very well-behaved. He asks politely when he needs help, and he’s only repeated a request urgently when he’s really in pain. The nerve block is done so there’s more pain, although the

Lion has a nerve block for his shoulder. It continuously delivers pain meds, but he also has a “panic button” he can push for extra help. In addition, he has oral pain meds. He was taking only one pill at

At 7:30, they took Lion back to the operating room. The surgeon said it will take about two hours. I found the cafeteria and had some breakfast. Lion couldn’t eat this morning and it seemed rude to eat in front

By the time you read this, I will be at the hospital. It is the day that my shoulder will be fixed and a long recuperation will begin. I’m scared. I’m not worried about the surgery so much. It’s routine,