Month: April 2017

T-Minus One Day

We are in the final stages of surgery preparations. Well, surgery recovery preparations. The only thing we can do to prep for the actual surgery is to make sure Lion doesn’t have anything to eat after midnight. I have to

The Chastity Talk

“But all you have to do…” These six words are at the top of a slippery slope of non-consensual male chastity. Male chastity, especially involving a chastity device is a male invention. Fantasies of forced sexual frustration abound in the

A Little Normalcy

For the record, before Lion’s surgery was ever scheduled, I suggested getting a shower seat. It would have come in handy when my knee was hurt. And, since we don’t have any ledge in our shower stall, a seat will


I drove the RAV4 to work today. It wasn’t exciting but it was pleasant enough. The car is nearly vegan. It has pleather seats. Well, the steering wheel is wrapped in leather. But otherwise it is a vegetarian, tree-hugging vehicle.