Month: May 2017

The other day, Lion asked me to read a blog. I don’t really like reading other blogs or articles. They make me feel like I’m missing something. Other women seem to enjoy causing their men pain. Some think it’s fun to make a butt black and blue. It’s amusing when he can’t sit without wincing. They like to torture his penis and not allow an orgasm for months. And many men seem to enjoy being on the receiving end of such harsh treatment. I don’t get it.

It’s true, at times I seem to have evolved to 2.0 who enjoys similar things. She likes to catch Lion making a mistake. A quick little, “Uh oh” or “Ha ha” and she knows she can break out a paddle for some swats. But when it’s just me, not even 1.0, after all these years I still don’t get it. I mean, I’m not stupid. I understand there’s a connection between pain and pleasure. I’ve had sex that hurt, but at the same time it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. But no one was pinching my nipples or swatting my butt.

So when I read a blog that talks about doling out a severe spanking and caning, then diapering, and humiliation shared with other people, I really think I’m missing the boat. Granted, the story was sold as semi-fiction. Perhaps the pictures included had been Photo Shopped. And Lion asks what I think of it. Well, “just me” thinks it’s all too much. Why spanking and caning and diapering and humiliation? And why share this with other people? I know the blogger likes to embellish to turn people on. I am not one of those people. 1.0 still thinks it’s too much. 2.0 may have been reaching for a paddle in the beginning of the story, but quickly put it down once the caning started. And that’s okay. I don’t have to like it, in any of my alter egos.

I think what the post did was make me feel like a prude. That’s an odd thing to say given all the things I’ve done to Lion. I just can’t imagine giving Lion such a severe spanking that he bruises instantly. I can’t imagine wanting to punish him that much. And what could he possible do that would make me want to cane him after a severe spanking? I can imagine diapers as punishment. Certainly not after a spanking/caning with open wounds on his skin. And I would not make him use the diaper solely. I think I would find it humiliating to clean up a messy, pooed diaper. Maybe, just maybe, I could be persuaded to change a peed diaper.

But the biggest thing that has me feeling like a prude is involving other people. I don’t care if it was someone we met at Kinkfest or some other meeting like that, and they were like-minded, I would not want anyone involved in our sex life. Yes, I am aware I’ve rallied for a threesome with another man before, but 1) that was a fantasy in my younger days, and 2) Lion really, really hates the idea. There is just no way I’d ask a neighbor, a friend, a relative, or a stranger to come into our home and watch me spank Lion. Or worse yet, participate in spanking Lion. Nope. Not happening.

In the end, that was my answer to Lion. It’s all too much.

Yesterday, I posted the first penis pic in a long time. The picture of my penis in its cage (image) provoked a comment from another caged male marveling that my cage is only 1 1/4 inches long. So, I posted another penis pic as my response to his comment. This time it is naked and shows why I have such a short cage (image). The only one missing from the set is me erect to show how it grows. If anyone wants to see that, I’ll post it too.

Pretty much every blog about male chastity, domestic discipline, and spanking contains material that wanders off the main theme. Ours certainly does. There are endless kinks and people practice them in all combinations. So we are bound to write about practices that won’t appeal to some of our readers. The same is true of blogs I read. They often discuss things that don’t particularly turn me on.

I read them anyway; every single word. The reason I do this is that I am learning about the people whose words I like to read. Even though I have no interest in cuckoldry, I like to see how someone I like practices it. No, it doesn’t inspire me to ask Mrs. Lion to take a lover. But it is interesting for me to try to understand why it appeals to the writer.

You probably don’t find diapering particularly interesting. We write about it here now and then. It’s something Mrs. Lion does to me for both play and punishment. It’s been quite a while and while I am not fond of it when it is happening, I miss it. It’s our kink. It’s a form of humiliation play I think. I wonder how it would feel if Mrs. Lion actually changed me. Oh well, I digress.

I suspect that I am revealing something about myself when I share everything we do, even if off topic. You may enjoy getting to know us in all these intimate ways. If you do, I suspect it isn’t important what kink we write about. On the other hand, if your interest is reading arousing descriptions of male chastity or domestic discipline scenes, then a lot of our posts won’t interest you at all. You’ll probably find other reading closer to your interest.

We don’t read or write for some narrow, sexual purpose. I’m pretty sure that you don’t either. Our objective here is to provide accurate information about enforced male chastity and domestic discipline. We want our writing to be useful to both men and women. As it turns out, we also write about other kinks as we uncover and adopt them. I hope you find that fun too.

On the home front, things are getting back to pre-surgical normal. Last night I was spanked for the first time since April. Mrs. Lion punished me for getting food on my shirt. Her swats are as strong as ever. I think she took it easy on me and gave me a less-severe-than-usual beating. Her swats were very hard; there were just less of them.

We went out to dinner and in the car I mentioned that we haven’t used diapers in a long time. Mrs. Lion responded that she rarely has me wear them. That’s true. I guess I am asking her to put me in them again, maybe more often. I also asked if she could do the diapering. Usually I just put on the depends pull-ups. We have some regular diapers (I think). I just wonder how it would feel to have to ask her to change me. Curiosity may yet kill the big cat.

I also asked her to strictly enforce the no-interrupting rule. She said that we both interrupt each other. It’s true. I pointed out that I’m the one not allowed to do it. I’m sure that enforcing this rule will result in more punishment for me, but it will improve me in a way I truly want. It doesn’t take too many spankings and/or other punishments to make me much more aware of what I do.


As you know, Lion has been having trouble sleeping. He dozes off in the middle of the day for a few minutes or hours at a time and then can’t sleep at night. Yesterday, he kept dozing off and we thought he’d be up all night again. It seemed to start out that way. It was well after 1 when I drifted off. Lion said he finally went to sleep at 2:30. At 5:30, I woke up as he was heading to the bathroom. I watched him crash into the door jamb, the door and then the counter. By the time I got in there, he was swaying back and forth near the toilet. I steadied him and helped him back to bed.

I asked him how many pills he’d taken and he told me he’d taken two sleeping pills. It was clear he wasn’t very coherent so I assumed he’d taken one sleeping pill and two of the other pain meds. He settled in to sleep on his right side. I woke him again to tell him he couldn’t sleep on that side. He wondered why. That’s the side the surgery was on. He didn’t remember the surgery. Yup. Definitely not with it. I helped him get comfortable on his left side and he said the pillow he was now snuggling was the best idea ever. Within minutes, however, he was on his right side again. This time there was no moving him. I crossed my fingers that he wouldn’t hurt himself and went back to sleep.

I woke up again at 8:30. Lion was peacefully snoozing. On his right side. I tip-toed out and hoped the dog wouldn’t wake him. At 11:30, I heard the dog waking him. Lion hasn’t slept that late in ages. He was amazed as well. We both hope this is the shape of things to come. He desperately needed that sleep to get back on track. Now if he can just stay awake during the day so he can get another full night’s sleep, we might be onto something.

Last night he also said he was horny. And he is again (still?) this morning. I haven’t decided if I should just edge him or let him come again. He seems to think he’s ready for some more extensive play. He earned himself a punishment yesterday for spilling food on his shirt. To get around this potential infraction, he’s been taking his shirt off before eating. It’s a loophole that I’ve allowed so far. These will be his first swats in well over a month. I wonder how he’ll react to them. I’m sure he’ll say he’s a poor Lion and pout a little. And just like that, we’ll be on our way back to normal.

Strict Julie naked

Eventually, we bloggers reveal all. Here’s Julie of strictjuliespanks.blogspot. com, showing us all. Nice Job! [Click image to enlarge]

I have to admit that I like the fact that pictures of my penis appear on this site. It’s sort of a turn on to expose myself that way. I’m far from alone. Almost without exception, every blog about sexual topics written by men feature pictures of the blogger’s cock. Male chastity blog writers show their penises encased in various chastity devices. I subscribe to a few of these bloggers on Twitter. Yup, their penises are on full display. It’s no secret that we males think about our penises. Some like to compare their erect and flaccid dicks with other guys. That’s easy on the Web. The number of images of male genitalia available is astounding.

Let’s look at female-written sexual sites. Those bloggers who choose to include images almost always show penises. Generally, they are sexually explicit images lifted from other sites that are related to the post. A tiny number reveal the poster’s pussy. Those who do tend to include it incidentally, like this one from Strict Julie Spanks. Almost all her images show males performing sexually. But every so often she puts herself in the picture; almost always when she is acting submissively.

Obviously male chastity is a dominant/submissive power exchange with the guy’s penis locked away out of his sexual reach.What’s more, male chastity bloggers want to show the world how they submit. In some cases, the guys want to display their cocks as a way of publicly submitting. It’s arousing to do this. The display is always in the context of “admitting” submission. Julie and other females do exactly the same thing for the same reason.

Submissive exposure photography is most likely a small minority in penis-picture-taking motives. The rest probably represent the need to self display. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but clearly there is also a non-kinky motive for penis display.

What about women? I haven’t done a wide-ranging search, but I do read sexually-oriented sites; not hardcore porn. Sure, a lot of the female-written sites have sexual images. From what I can tell, none are of the author. I’ve also seen very little discussion of vaginas by female bloggers. References tend to be in the context of sexual activities. Those posts seem to be directed at a male audience.

Do females think about their pussies? Do they ever discuss them with other women in the way men compare penises? I don’t see evidence that they do. Perhaps our female readers can give us their impressions.

My sexual thoughts always include my penis in some respect. If I think about giving oral sex to Mrs. Lion, I “feel” my erection as part of the experience. There’s a mental picture of it pulsing against the bed or pressing against the bars of my chastity device. Of course I think about how Mrs. Lion feels, tastes and smells as I give her orgasm after orgasm. My penis is in every scene. When a woman thinks about sucking a man, does she include the humidity of her vagina in her fantasy? Is it a major player in every scene the way my penis is for me? I wonder.