Month: June 2017

The Road To Hell Is Paved With …

I need to give you my side of the story that Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday. She talked about how upset I am about traveling in our camper when we don’t have access to TV. It probably seems

Unhappy Lion

We got our trailer back with just hours to spare for our trip. Unfortunately, the satellite is still not working. Lion is not happy. He says I’ll be on my iPad playing games and there’s only so many episodes of

Another Look At Disciplinary Spankings

My early research led me to believe that disciplinary spankings start hard and stay hard from beginning to end with no regard for how much they hurt. Disciplinary spankings are supposed to hurt. That’s the entire point. Right? Well, yes

Mad Scientists

You may laugh when I say we do experiments. I think that’s a perfectly fitting term. We try something and if it doesn’t work, we tweak it. Every trial gets us closer to the “correct” answer. At the very least,