Month: June 2017

My First Gentle (Intentionally Ruined) Orgasm

On Monday night Mrs. Lion gave me my first intentionally ruined orgasm. I’ve had two accidental ones during edging sessions earlier this year. Those were crash-into-the-wall feeling orgasms. I never got over the top, but I was so close it

Recapturing My Weenie

Lion raised the question of whether he should be caged or not. Obviously he isn’t going to cheat. Obviously he’s been keeping his hands to himself, for the most part. He’s had many opportunities to masturbate, but he hasn’t. So


Mrs. Lion said I would be locked in my chastity device when we return from our trip. That gives me a little more than a week to remain wild. I have very mixed feelings about being returned to captivity. It’s

No Sex for You

Between mowing the lawn, doing laundry, and doing some cleaning, I was done for yesterday. Despite taking Tylenol as a preemptive strike against achiness, I wound up achy anyway. Even trying to move next to Lion to snuggle hurt. And