Month: July 2017

He Can’t, but I Can

When we first started enforced chastity I had Lion masturbate for me. I knew how to do it, obviously, but I wanted to see how he did it. How fast or slow did he go? What grip did he use?

Turn Up The Music

My last post generated some interesting, thoughtful comments. Thank you. Much of the conversation revolved around just what our power exchange means. Julie talked about hers as well. I said that I’m not Mrs. Lion’s bitch and that I had

Just Keep Moving

Lion may have opened a can of worms with his post this morning. As a submissive male, he’s really in no position to demand I suck his cock. In reality, except for when he was a dominant in a scene,

What’s Real?

“Suck my cock!” What would happen if i said that to Mrs. Lion? Thoughts about this vary. Julie posed this as an example of something she would punish her husband for saying, but if a man she submitted to said