Month: August 2017

Being Heard

If you’ve  been reading along, we’re at one of our periodic crossroads. As we develop our own brand of FLR, we encounter some bumps in the road. The latest one isn’t new. It’s a classic communication challenge. If you believe

The Flick of a Paddle

Lion and I have a pattern. I get upset by something he does (or something I perceive he’s doing), I write about it, he feels bad, I feel bad, people comment on the post, he feels worse, I feel worse

Should I Shut Up Or Give Up?

Email, and by extension, blog posts, offer excellent opportunities for miscommunication. Yesterday, Mrs. Lion as our on-the-scene reporter wrote a post about my “Shoulds” and “Shouldn’ts”. She commented on my discussions with her regarding how I reacted to her spanking,

Should I?

The welcome mat is an evil, evil thing. Lion felt it for hours after he sat on it. He insists I still didn’t spank him long or hard enough for a punishment spanking. I continue to ask him who it