Month: August 2017

As A Moth To The Flame

I believe in magic. No, not the stuff magicians do on stage; something completely different. Consider this: I know that when I am punished that it will hurt and possibly make me cry. I work hard to avoid being spanked.

It’s Punishment Day

Lion and I are still very tired. You’d think we’d be able to sleep better now that we’re back together. We just have trouble sleeping period. My eyes were trying to slam shut all day yesterday so I delayed punishing

Active Control

Everyone who writes about alternative sexual activity gets “How could you…” comments. Until now, I delete them. No more. Unless they are filled with biblical references or inappropriate attacks on specific sexual, racial or religious groups, I decided to share

It’s More Than Carrying a Bag

My post yesterday did not mean that Lion was happy to see me because he didn’t have to carry his bag anymore. That was a part of it. I was showing the difference between us and the couple in which