Month: September 2017

Hair and Nails

Lion’s post seems to have generated quite a few comments. I don’t mind if Lion has hair or not. I never really thought about it until I met him. And the decision was already made for me. He was, and

Male Pubic Hair

I ran an informal Twitter poll about male pubic hair. I realize the people providing answers belong to a less-than-random sample. The results are illustrative nonetheless. Less than 20% of the men responded that they don’t groom their pubic hair.


Perhaps Lion is feeling better. He was horny last night. I edged him a few times and considered giving him an orgasm but I didn’t. I reasoned that he couldn’t possibly be that horny since it was his first night

A Big Change

Wednesday night I was feeling horrible. My nose was stuffed up and kept running. Isn’t that a paradox? Anyway, it was difficult to get to sleep and even harder to stay sleeping. I woke up at 3AM and watched a