Month: September 2017

In Sickness and in Health

In his head cold-induced haze, Lion reminded me last night that today is punishment day. He wasn’t sure if it would count. I would have allowed it. But there was no need since he reminded me again just after midnight.

3 a.m. Booty Call

Lion has a cold. Maybe it’s a manifestation of the flu shot. He has a sore throat, cough and stuffy/runny nose. Sexy, huh? No wonder he hasn’t felt much like playing or being aroused. I was achy yesterday too. I

Waiting For The Ride To Start Again

This is a difficult time for me. The nature of my job has been changed and it is in an area that is completely unfamiliar to me. I’m getting more familiar, but it isn’t what I particularly like to do.


I was running out the door for a doctor appointment yesterday so I didn’t get a post in. It’s all Lion’s fault. He wants me to be healthy. I’ve been poked and prodded and tested and I’m all up to