Month: October 2017

Waxing and Waning

Lion is a very horny boy. At this point I’m torn between giving him an orgasm and making him wait. I love giving him orgasms. I love edging him. What to do. What to do. I’m wondering if it’s possible

The Means May Be Way More Fun Than The End!

My perspective on wait times between ejaculations is changing. I used to believe that a week was a very long time to wait. Mrs. Lion generally got me off every six days or so; at least that’s the average for

Lion’s Butt in a Sling

Yesterday we had a lot of things to do. Lion was making stew. We had to winterize the camper. There was laundry. I’d mentioned sling time for Lion. And he had a furry nether region. In my mind, if we

Beef Stew And Morning Erections

It’s noon on Sunday. I was awakened by a wet, sloppy lick from our dog. It was 8 AM and she decided we had slept enough. Mrs. Lion made breakfast and we lazed in bed until nearly 10. Then I