Leave Him Wanting More

Lion had no trouble at all taking the dildo once we made sure there was enough lube for things to move smoothly. I was able to move it in and out with no pain. I’d say it was probably less than five minutes that I pegged him, but it was easy to do even after so many weeks of no anal activity at all.

It certainly turned Lion on. He was hard in no time. I used my hand at first but then I decided to torture him with my mouth. It used to be he’d get an orgasm when I gave him oral. That is no longer a given. I’ve gotten pretty good at taking him very close to the edge and leaving him hanging. Or, as I said last night, leave him wanting more.

I know I’ve done a good job when he tells me how close I came. I’m sure he was both hopeful that I would go too far and that I would stop in time. Part of him wants to wait. Part of him wants to come. Waiting was on the agenda last night.

I don’t know how horny he is today. I haven’t heard the Lion weather report. Actually I haven’t heard a Lion weather report in a while. He hasn’t been very horny lately and when he is I’ve just given him an orgasm. I think he needs to wait a bit this time. At least until he’s really horny.

Tonight I’ll peg him again. He wondered the other day if I’d use the RodeoH last night. I didn’t but I might tonight. Who knows what I’ll do? That’s what keeps Lion on his toes.

3 comments on “Leave Him Wanting More
  1. I’m pretty sure you don’t read my blog, but my life is all about waiting. Different strokes for different folks! However I find I get hornier and hornier. You like a horny lion?? Make him wait. No need to go to the extremes I do, but 3-5 days wait after he seems horny might work wonders for his erections!

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