Month: November 2017

A Boy and His Sling

We didn’t have sling time last night. Lion was just one day removed from an orgasm so he wasn’t really in the mood. We were both achy. We just watched TV. Actually, aside from not snuggling, it was a perfect

It’s Dangerous To Have A Penis

Based on recent events, it seems that male sexual behavior is assumed to be inappropriate unless explicitly agreed to in advance. Even if the male behavior wasn’t sexual at all, it can later reinterpreted  by the woman as sexual in

Horrible Taste

Last night Lion asked if he should take a boner pill. I said if he thought he’d need it I guess he should take one. This was before his punishment swats and mouth soaping. I only made him hold the

Rubbing It In

Here we are in the middle of the week after Thanksgiving. I’m suffering lioness withdrawal. I loved having four whole days and nights with my sweetie. We’ll have two days together this weekend. We don’t have any plans so we