Month: November 2017 (Page 2)

Either the Mexican food kicked Lion’s butt last night or he was trying to avoid his punishment. He had a backache that forced me to take pity on him. I’m kidding, of course. He was concerned he might be getting another kidney stone. We don’t need any more operations this year, thank you very much. I’m happy to report that he’s feeling much better this morning.

I was all set to whomp Lion and make him stand over the sink while holding a bar of soap in his mouth. My reasoning was two-fold. I figured all the slobbery soap would wind up in the sink and be easier to clean up. And I wanted him to watch the slobbering in the mirror. I thought that would be better than standing in the corner thinking about what he’d done. Instead he’d have to stare at himself frothing at the mouth and his predicament would be abundantly clear.

I’ve also been doing some thinking about the blindfold situation. Is it worse for Lion if he can’t see what’s going on? I’d think it would be worse if he was tied down and could see what was about to happen and be powerless to do anything about it. I suppose each way has its benefits. And I guess it depends on exactly what I’m doing to him. And maybe how much of a show I want to give in either case. It definitely requires more thought.

Lion most assuredly will not be blindfolded for his punishment. I want him to see his misery with the bar of soap in his mouth. It’s a good thing the food he spilled on his shirt last night didn’t leave a stain or he’d be in for an even worse whomping.

There is one thing that is really hot about our power exchange: the inevitability of retribution. This isn’t the same thing as control. When someone or something is controlled, they can’t do other than what their controller wants. Wearing a chastity device is a good example of control. Once locked on, at least theoretically, there is no sex without the key. It doesn’t mater if the guy wants to cheat or disobey. He can’t. He is physically prevented  from any sexual activity.

On the other hand, being given rules, leaves open the possibility of willful disobedience. I can spill food on my shirt. I can interrupt. I can eat first. Nothing prevents me from doing these things. However, if I choose to disobey, punishment is inevitable. Ahh, there it is: inevitability. The sure knowledge that I will hurt and be made unhappy if I disobey is an invisible leash that keeps me at heel.

I haven’t lost my free will. I am given a choice between sure suffering and doing what I am told. It matters what I want to do. Unlike being locked in a chastity device, I can choose my own fate.

The other side of this coin is consistency. Consistent enforcement of Mrs. Lion’s rules is the fuel that powers my obedience. It a little more complicated than that. Consistent recognition of obedience is just as important to me as the sure knowledge my bottom will burn if I am naughty.

Mrs. Lion is the source of the laws I obey. She can reward me or make me yelp in pain. Her consistent response to my behavior provides the strong framework of my obedience. That framework, in turn, satisfies a deep need for structure. I think that sometimes Mrs. Lion thinks of consistency as a kind of homework assignment. She knows I want it and tries to provide it for me.

She may not have considered my side of the coin. Consistency for her is inevitability for me.

Blech! It’s Monday. I need another three day week with another four day weekend. Lion and I had fun lounging around for three days after the initial rush of Thanksgiving.

Last night was date night. We went to an early movie and dinner. We don’t often go to the movies. I prefer to watch movies at home. It’s less expensive and we can pause things to get a snack or take a pee break. But sometimes there’s a movie that just needs to be seen right away or in the theater. And then we see the coming attractions and find another movie that will need to be seen right away.

We didn’t play last night. It was just a nice, quiet evening after our date night. I don’t know about Lion but I needed time to get my mind wrapped around the idea that I had to go back to work. We made sure the alarms were set and the coffee pot was ready to do its thing. The laundry was done. Everything was in place to start the work week.

At dinner last night, Lion ate first. He said he knew if he didn’t eat what was already in his chopsticks he’d make a mess. A rational reason, but it won’t keep him from being punished. I already let him off the hook for not reminding me of punishment night. How would it look if I keep letting him off the hook? Eventually he’ll think the rules no longer apply and there will be anarchy in the lions’ den.

Obviously that won’t happen. But I do need to get back into the swing of things. I’m hoping the drug has knocked Lion’s allergies down and his immune system has had a chance to rest for a bit. He hasn’t been quite as itchy so maybe things can get back to our version of normal. That all starts with some butt whomping tonight. And last night that bar of soap in the shower caught my eye….

Ever since I discovered that Viagra has a very inexpensive generic available from legitimate pharmacies, I have been excited to get some. ED, or erectile dysfunction can range from impotence to difficulty getting and keeping a full erection. From time to time, it’s been difficult for Mrs. Lion to get me hard. Once hard, I sometimes have a problem staying that way without constant stimulation. Part of this is just age, most though, is due to allergies and blood pressure meds i am taking. Low blood pressure, after all, is the enemy of a stiffy.

Saturday night was a bad night for penile hydraulics. I’ve been taking a strong steroid for my recent itching and that has distracted me from sex. So, when Mrs. Lion played with my penis, it was frustratingly unresponsive. So, I asked her if we could wait a while and quietly took 60mg of generic Viagra. A half hour later I was ready to go. This time, Mrs. Lion had complete success, and I had a great time.

She’s mentioned that she wants to know if I take the magic pills. I told her last night. Usually I don’t mention it. I don’t like to admit that I need help down there. Truthfully, I don’t need help that often. But I like the little added zing the pills add. I’m harder and stay hard longer. I love that.

It’s ironic that the blood pressure medicine I take will extend my life by lowering blood pressure, while the lower blood pressure affects getting hard. For the record, I’m proud of my unassisted erection. You can see for yourself here.

The thing is that I really like the way I feel when I take the boner pills. I feel more sexually confident. I have more fun. The pills do not turn me on or make it easier for me to be aroused. All they do is make it easier to get a solid erection. If you’ve thought that giving these pills to a man who is caged will torture him further, you’re wrong. They don’t make him easier to turn on or make him want sex more. They just make boners, um bonier.

I love it and I’m grateful I can get them legitimately for an affordable price. Ok, now you know too. The lion takes boner pills when he can.