Month: November 2017

Saved By the Mexican Food

Either the Mexican food kicked Lion’s butt last night or he was trying to avoid his punishment. He had a backache that forced me to take pity on him. I’m kidding, of course. He was concerned he might be getting

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

There is one thing that is really hot about our power exchange: the inevitability of retribution. This isn’t the same thing as control. When someone or something is controlled, they can’t do other than what their controller wants. Wearing a


Blech! It’s Monday. I need another three day week with another four day weekend. Lion and I had fun lounging around for three days after the initial rush of Thanksgiving. Last night was date night. We went to an early

The Lion Takes Boner Pills … And Loves It

Ever since I discovered that Viagra has a very inexpensive generic available from legitimate pharmacies, I have been excited to get some. ED, or erectile dysfunction can range from impotence to difficulty getting and keeping a full erection. From time