Month: November 2017 (Page 3)

I’ll have to cancel this billboard.

Lion said he was horny yesterday. When we finally got to snuggling I couldn’t get him excited. He asked if we could try again later. I’ve taken this to be code for “not tonight dear”. Sometimes he feels he’s let me down when he’s not in the mood. It never bothers me. I think I’ve let him down.

We got some dessert, watched TV and Lion asked if I wanted to snuggle. I didn’t try to arouse him again. I figured if he wasn’t in the mood I didn’t want to make him feel like he had to be in the mood. Eventually I moved and Lion said something about getting my bag of tricks. OK. So maybe he was in the mood. I clothespinned his balls and Mr. Weenie sprang to attention. Weird. Maybe he just needed more than some stroking to get him going. Nope. He said he’d taken a pill.

Hmmm…. I don’t mind that he takes boner pills when he needs them. I don’t think it says anything about my ability to turn him on. My issue with boner pills is that I need to know when they’re in play. As far as I was concerned, trying later was not an ironclad request. I thought, especially since it was getting late, playtime was over. Sometimes we don’t communicate very well. Lion said he doesn’t like that he has to take boner pills and doesn’t want to advertise it. OK. I’ll cancel the billboard I had planned. But he should still share the information with me.

Round two of our play time ended with a very frustrated Lion. I got him oh-so-close several times. At least twice we both thought it was too far. Lion was almost sweating. He asked when he’d last had an orgasm and was surprised to find it had only been three days. The earliest he can come in the four-to-fourteen day wait scheme is today. And that’s not going to happen. Poor Lion.

(Saturday Afternoon – 2 days after Thanksgiving) We spent a quiet morning watching a college football game and eating pancakes. Mrs. Lion makes wonderful pancakes. We went out for lunch at Jersey Mike’s, a franchise submarine sandwich store that was advertised during the game. Our expectations were high, the sandwiches were meh. Save your money, Subway is better.

It’s been over six months since our lives were disrupted by my surgery and recovery. During this time, depending on how you want to think about it, we have either evolved or fallen back in terms of enforced chastity and FLR with discipline (formerly known as domestic discipline). There are two distinct aspects to this; one of them, enforced chastity, has been on my mind.

The first one is that I’m not currently wearing a chastity device. Mrs. Lion never particularly cared if I wore one or not. She did hold the key and I was never allowed to lock or unlock myself. But it was there at my request. It came off for the surgery and made no sense to continue wearing during the recovery.

During these months, we’ve discussed the device and whether or not it is something we need. We jointly decided it isn’t. But, in some ways I miss it. I like being tied up. Bondage is hot for me. Wearing a chastity device is not as fun as being restrained in our sling, but it has its moments. There’s also my love of gadgets. A device that is locked on me is a very personal sort of gadget.

The devices themselves, have been evolving lately. More and more guys realize that a chastity device shouldn’t “fit” their flaccid penis length. It should compress it. The world is moving the way I went: toward very short chastity devices. After spending quite a bit of time experimenting, I learned that a device that was short enough to keep the head of my penis firmly planted against the end of the device was easiest to live in. My urethra presses through the center opening. Peeing is neat and easy.

Because there is no room for expansion, attempted erections don’t get the chance to move things around. Yes, the head presses against the front bars and will show “grill marks” when the cage is removed. After nearly four years of continuous wear, I can say that a short cage makes a happy caged male.

Off-the-shelf chastity device makers are taking notices. The Holy Trainer nano model has a 1.3-inch long cage. It is about the same diameter. That’s perfect for me. It turns out that the key cage dimension is the diameter, not the length. I’ve tried cages with diameters as small as 1-inch. It turns out that, for me at least, the narrow diameter makes the cage uncomfortable. My measured thickness is 1.5-inches. A cage from 1.25 to 1.5 inches across is fine.

When wearing a device, you may notice that your penis is shortest when you are sitting in a chair. With a properly short cage, the head of your penis will still being in contact with the end of the cage even then. When you wear a short cage, the shaft of the soft penis is squished into the cage. In many cases, like mine, only the head is visible. A properly sized cage, keeps you neatly and safely tucked away.

Lion realized last night that he’d forgotten to remind me Thursday was punishment night. I’d forgotten too. We’d been so busy cooking and cleaning it had completely slipped our minds. I said I wondered if maybe cooking such a wonderful dinner could get him out of punishment. He said he hoped it would. It did.

I know Lion wants to return to domestic discipline. I’m not sure I thought we ever left it. It’s true he’s been annoying me at times lately but I assumed it was because work has been annoying me more than ever. Other than interrupting me, I thought I’d been fairly consistent with other things. I make sure I give him permission to eat when I know I’ll be a while. He’s even waited when I’ve told him he could eat because he didn’t hear me. He hasn’t been spilling things on himself. He follows direct orders when given. When I make a decision he abides by it. He’s been a good boy.

I’ve also been mindful of his limitations lately. Of course there’s his surgery. I know he’ll be somewhat sore after PT so I ask before we do anything strenuous. And he’s been having a horrible time with allergies. It’s difficult to be in the mood when you’re trying to scratch several layers of skin off. Since Lion went to the doctor Wednesday and got the evil Prednisone his skin has been looking much better. He’s definitely less itchy. That doesn’t mean the itching won’t come back once the drug wears off but it gave him a break for a bit. He hasn’t been to PT in a few days so I’d say we’re in a sweet spot right now. No sore shoulder and not much itching.

Last night I tried to get Lion in the mood. I may have waited too long. He said he was horny earlier in the day but by evening he didn’t seem in the mood. Tonight I’ll try harder. I have to strike while we’re in the sweet spot.

We spent a quiet day yesterday. There was little left to do after Thanksgiving dinner. After Mrs. Lion wrote her post, we had soup for lunch and settled in to watch our favorite team lose, yet again. Something needs to happen on the football front. We are both totally disgusted with the idiot who coaches our favorite team, the New York Giants. He is easily the worst coach in the NFL. He needs to be gone.

The oral steroid is working. I’m not itching and my skin is clearing up. Only two more days of medicine left. That should be enough, I am told. Even though yesterday was only two days since my last ejaculation, sex has been on my mind. Maybe it is because Mrs. Lion is home with me and I’m not scratching all the time.

We were both exhausted yesterday. All that prep work and cooking wore me out. Mrs. Lion was cleaning the entire time I cooked. Our uninvited guests loved the dinner. Why not? It was free. They finally took the hint and left about 8pm. Even our poor dog was exhausted. Both women love dogs and were petting her for three solid hours. Ok, it is a form of doggie heaven, but between handouts of turkey and fixin’s and endless petting, she needed some rest. When they left, she retired under our bed for much needed zzz’s.

Last night we had hot turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes, gravy, and my homemade cranberry sauce. The smoked turkey is a big hit.  It wasn’t any harder to prepare than roasting the bird. The flavor was great. I always inject chicken broth into the meat before smoking. That assures the delicate, white meat of the breast stays moist.

I think it’s time we get back into our power exchange routine. Mrs. Lion has been taking it easy on me due to first, my shoulder surgery, and more recently, the allergy flare-up. I know I’ve been interrupting now and then without consequences. And, my punishment stool is gathering dust in the spare bedroom. I’m either much better behaved or I’m getting a break. You can guess which is the case.

A year or so ago, Mrs. Lion and I wrote about Lioness 2.0. She was supposed to be strict and comfortable dishing out pain and humiliation. I think she snuck up on both of us. She’s here. If I am due a spanking, regardless of my interest in getting it, the paddle comes out and I am on my stomach being beaten. Mrs. Lion observes infractions, even small ones, and lets me know what I’ve done. 2.0 lives here. 2.5 may be in the wings.