Month: December 2017

Maybe Ruined Orgasms Are Good After All

Lion asked if his orgasm yesterday was part of an experiment. At first I didn’t know what he meant. He explained that he didn’t think he’d be able to have an orgasm so soon after a ruined orgasm. Ah. No.

Onward And Upward!

Saturday We played in the sling. After “warming” me up with the Silk large dildo (1-1/2″ diameter), she confidently inserted the 2 inch diameter Tantus dildo (NSFW image of it inserted). It hurt going in. She didn’t mind and continued

He Can Take It

I got some manscaping done with Lion in the sling yesterday. I also put some capsaicin rub on him and when it didn’t seem to be working I put more on and when that didn’t seem to be working I put

Is It Abusive?

Sometimes people wonder about how I can consent to being punished. Clearly, I don’t like the pain, and often want to resist accepting it. My most recent example is the last time Mrs. Lion spanked me. She noted that I