Month: December 2017

Just Sayin’

I’ve never gotten used to the idea of being locked into something 24/7. Sure, I’ve been tied up, had wrist and ankle restraints padlocked on me. But, after the play session ended, the locks came off. Since my play partners

A Lioness Always Forgets

I realized last night that Lion never reminded me about punishment day on Monday. Good thing it was a holiday. I guess that was another Christmas present for him. In keeping with my forgetfulness, just before bed last night, Lion

Balance Of Power

We’re beginning our fifth year of male chastity. I’m back in the Jail Bird again for a little over a week. It feels as though no time has passed since I stopped wearing it last April. It’s appropriate to begin

Loopy Lion

Sometimes Lion gets loopy at night. We haven’t been able to figure out why this happens. He’s wobbly when he walks and he loves to have deep discussions. Last night’s discussions ranged from having sex like we did when we