Year: 2018

Spanking Game: Football Fun

Mrs. Lion is still working out the rules for her NFL game. Currently, she has me zapped for each penalty. She is trying to decide how many swats I get when a team scores. I suggested one per point. She’s

Fixing the Lions

Tomorrow I pick up my CPAP machine. I vacillate between thinking it won’t help at all to thinking it will fix everything. In the afternoon, Lion has an appointment with a eye specialist. I’m also vacillating on that subject. I

Ball Swats

I was going to make Lion pick from the Box O’Fun before I edged him last night but I thought that might detract from his fun with Velcro. I didn’t want anything to come between him and his hatred of

The Fun Begins

We’re working to return excitement to our BDSM play. Mrs. Lion has brought back our Box O’Fun. On Thursday night I drew “Velcro”. Mrs. Lion puts Velcro strips around my penis before it gets  hard. The strips “choke” my penis