Year: 2018

Just Stay in Bed

When I left for work this morning, Lion was vertical. I’ve since learned that didn’t last long. He wrote a short post and crawled back in bed. I told him to make sure he drinks OJ or water and he

Report From My Bed

Both Mrs. Lion and I have been under the weather. I’ve been in bed continuously since Friday at 10 AM. Mrs. Lion has been sick too but more mobile. I’m grateful she kept you updated. I’ve noticed that she appears

Possible New Zapardy! Game

Lion has been coughing for a few days. He says he can’t stand it anymore. I’ve been coughing for weeks. I think he can stand it. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for him. I just don’t think it’s

Sick Ward Again

Lion went to the doctor to find out if the new medications were making him sleepy and came home with a cough. Obviously that wasn’t the result he was looking for. Now we’re both coughing. As is usually the case,