Year: 2018

Every Night

Last night, we were watching TV and didn’t start playing until almost 10 pm. Traditionally that’s too late for Lion, although recently we have had some success at that hour. Not last night. I suppose I could have used the

Spanked, Wanked, And Ruined

I was spanked for interrupting. Mrs. Lion got out the “colonial” paddle. We have two: one is bloodwood and the other bubinga. The bubinga paddle is lighter in weight than the very dense bloodwod. She chose the lighter bubinga. The

Surprising My Lion

Lion got his punishment spanking last night for interrupting. What he didn’t expect, however, was the return of the punishment stool. At a certain point in his whomping, he rolled away. I told him to get his butt back and

Spanked For Interrupting

I’m writing this on Monday. It’s punishment day. Every Monday and Thursdays are designated as punishment days;. I have to remind Mrs. Lion of that. Generally,she doesn’t wait for a punishment day to spank me for breaking a rule. Tonight