Year: 2018

Bruised and Bloody

The last day of the year is always crazy at work. Can we possibly get X done by the end of the day? Nope. What about Y? Nope. And Z is off the table too. It’s not like it’s a

Cruise Control

Yesterday, was eventful. Mrs. Lion finally activated her spanking training. A little before noon she brought a paddle into the bedroom and had me lie flat on the bed. She then gave me sets of ten swats with a 30

No Play All Weekend

On Friday afternoon, we were getting the garbage ready. Lion’s knee gave out on him and he fell before he even made it out of the bedroom. His elbow started to swell but we managed to get the garbage cans

My Suggestion For Our New Year’s Resolution

Another year is nearly over. We’ve completed our fifth year of enforced chastity and female led relationship with discipline (FLRD). There have been a  lot of changes. We’ve each embraced our roles. What we do isn’t a BDSM caricature. It’s