Year: 2018

Getting Back To It

Well, it worked. Just as Lion said in his post this morning, if I whomp him he will come. Actually he said he’d get excited. I decided he should come. I tried the new technique. No idea if it was actually

Spare The Paddle, Turn Off The Lion

Mrs. Lion and I are at a point where we realize there are things we should do. We’ve both written about some of them. But we haven’t taken action yet. This is a pattern we’ve followed before. I guess it’s

Helpful Lion

Lion is an insatiable researcher. He reads lots of other blogs. Occasionally he likes an idea he finds. Many times it’s about punishment, specifically spanking. His latest discovery was about just that. He says I should whomp him for a

My Disciplining Wife

I was looking at Julie’s post, a random photo selection on her blog, Strict Julie Spanks. At the top of the post there’s  a picture of a man standing in a corner, hands above his head, with a very red