Year: 2018

It’s Mine. All Mine

This morning I teased Lion about how horny he’s been. I said maybe it had something to do with all the people touching my weenie during his operation and stent removal when I’m supposed to be the only one touching

I Come Back For More

After I completed my post yesterday, I asked Mrs. Lion for her comments and reaction. She agreed on my reporting but commented that I made too much of what she felt was a small thing. That thing was her changed

What Time?

This morning Lion posed a fairly innocuous question: what time do I plan on playing with him? Hmmm… He assumes I have a plan. And a time. Crap! But I know he wasn’t asking for details. He was wondering because

The New Mrs. Lion

Last night we played. Mrs. Lion unlocked me and took out her clothespins. I like clothespin play. She covers my balls with them. They hurt a little and it is exciting when she pulls them. It’s very hot fun. But