Month: January 2018

Where’d I Hide the Key?

Lion was horny last night. I don’t get it. He just had an orgasm the night before. He shouldn’t have been horny last night. Must be the full moon. He’s usually not horny for a night or two after an

Vanilla And Chocolate

I’m still wild. I suspect that my recent discovery of woman-initiated, enforced male chastity may have given Mrs. Lion pause. I’ve embraced the idea of turning the penis into a toy owned by the keyholder. This concept implies, to me


I fixed Lion’s horniness last night. I tied his balls up and got him nice and hard. Unfortunately once I stopped he wasn’t so hard anymore. I guess it’s understandable but he usually has some residual hardness. I was a


Until a few days ago, I was unaware that a woman would initiate enforced male chastity. My awareness had been limited to male-initiated chastity device wearing. The woman’s role in that is to accommodate the male’s request, generally because she