Month: January 2018

Not Quite Dead Yet

I feel a little better this morning than I did yesterday. I’m still stuffy but I feel less groggy, for want of a better word. Lion never made it out of bed yesterday. Sure he made it to the kitchen

Plague Version 2018

I’d promised Lion a second vacation orgasm but he was too tired. Last night he was frisky again. A promise is a promise so I gave him an oral orgasm. He said he was surprised to get one. It had

Happier Ever After

We’re home again and back to our version of normal. I’m worn out from our vacation. We walked endlessly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We checked out of the hotel on Monday and then spent five hours in the airport.

Back to Work

It was a long flight home yesterday and then the time zone change made it feel even later. Technically we went to bed at around 2 am even though the clock said 11. Our bodies were still on east coast