Month: January 2018

In Sickness and Health

Lion is feeling better, as evidenced by his horniness. Apparently I am not done being sick. Friday I fell asleep after I wrote my post. Saturday I thought I was doing better. Yesterday I was not. I slept a lot

Said The Spider To The Fly

To my surprise, there really are women who want to initiate enforced male chastity with their partners. After my post yesterday, another woman came forward. Her husband is resisting wearing a chastity device. I’ve been sure that only men wanted

Needle In A Haystack

For years I’ve asked people if they knew any women who actually introduced enforced male chastity into her relationship. I had some false leads; men who suggested it and then their partners following through later. No, that wasn’t what I

Super Horny Lion

Lion woke up this morning and said he was still stuffy and tired. However, he was also hard which would suggest he didn’t really feel too sick. He’s been very horny for days. On Thursday he informed me he was