Month: February 2018

Fits and Starts

Lion’s allergies have been acting up again. I need to vacuum more extensively to get rid of dust again. I also found out on Thursday that my son will be in the area starting tomorrow. He’ll be working so I

Girl Scout Fun

(Friday afternoon) It’s been cold with a little snow here. We rarely experience either. Our winters are consistently between 40 and 50 degrees. It snows a bit every couple of years. This past week the temperature has dipped into the

Painful Fun

Mrs. Lion likes to shake her head and laugh at my desire to play painful games. Despite having a very sore butt by the end of the game, I loved our Super Bowl spanking game. Mrs. Lion’s Box O’Fun offers

Pick Again

Sometimes the Box O’Fun doesn’t work out so well. Lion’s first pick last night was menthol rub. Nope. Not again. I let him pick a different card. Hands tied plus another choice. Okay. Butt plug. Hmmmm…. Those two don’t really