Month: February 2018

A Post About Nothing

Last night’s commute was fairly treacherous. A pickup in front of me took out himself and the car to my right when the road was suddenly slushy and slippery. It had been a rain/snow mix with very localized accumulation. Everything

Some Male Chastity Device Basics

I regularly get mail from people with basic chastity questions. This seems like a good time to share some of my updated knowledge that might be of help to people just getting started. Penis Shrink This is a persistent myth

Silver Lining

While cleaning out our spare bedroom I used a lot of muscles I don’t normally use. My calves are sore and yesterday afternoon my back tightened up. I was all right once I got in a position but getting there

A New Sign Of Ownership

We appear to be entering a new phase in our power exchange. In the past I’ve worn a collar. It’s always been my idea. I have gone through periods of wanting to wear one. I’ve bought several collars in a