No Blindfold

When I first started reading Lion’s post for this morning, I thought he was going to steal my thunder. I’ve been thinking about putting him back in a collar. One of his Box O’Fun options is having his hands tied. They won’t be tied. We have various designs of cuffs. But I was thinking it would be good to be able to affix his hands to his collar. But first I had to find a collar.

I forget if I mentioned that my son is near here for training for two weeks. Depending on his schedule, he thinks he’ll be able to spend a night or two with us. With that in mind, I needed to clean our spare bedroom. The bonus is that a lot of toys were hiding in there. The blindfold and the collars, some dildos, some paddles, etc.

I dragged all sorts of stuff out of that room. No blindfold and three collars, although not the collar I was looking for. I know that spare bedroom seemed like a black hole. We’d throw stuff in there when he didn’t know what else to do with it and it just swallowed it right up. I never imagined it would swallow up the blindfold completely. And where is his red collar? Clearly we have another black hole somewhere.

While Lion was in the shower I decided to see what blindfolds Extreme Restraints have. I found one with a Velcro closure. My thinking was that if I ordered one, the other one would magically appear. That happens a lot. I figured once the other one showed up we’d have a blindfold for the camper too. I also ordered an ostrich feather tickler. Lion loves to have his balls tickled as I edge him. Ironically, when I told Lion about my purchase he said he ordered a blindfold too. With Velcro closure. From Extreme Restraints. Sometimes we’re on the same page. Other times it seems we’re not even in the same book. Oh well.

As I said, I found three collars. There was a black leather locking collar, an extremely soft might-have-been-red-once orange collar and a burgundy collar with “LION” written on it. I told Lion of my plans to connect his cuffed hands to a collar and he put the collar on. No matter how comfortable a collar feels, it’s not the easiest thing to get used to wearing. By bed time he was asking if his neck was red. It wasn’t but I figured he’d had the collar on long enough. I’ll have him wear it for longer and longer bursts of time so it will become comfortable and part of his wardrobe.

What do you think?