Month: March 2018

No Peeking

Lion thinks he needs some excitement in his life. He thinks maybe that’s why he hasn’t been horny lately. Last night I suggested waiting for the weekend when we have some extra time to devote to sex and play. Lion

Fun, Fun, Fun

We all have different ideas of fun. Mine are a bit different than most. For one thing, most of the sexual ideas are fun before and after the actual event. I generally dislike what happens during the activity. For example,

Ready. Go!

I didn’t do a post yesterday. I went to the doctor on Monday and yesterday the nurse called me three times to try to schedule a test. I have other outstanding medical bills that need to be taken care of

Everyone Knows Lions Don’t Have Pubic Hair

Mrs. Lion has drawn a line in the sand. My toenails are to be painted (yuck!). She also informed me that I owe her a “fee” for delaying the nail-painting and panty-wearing. In its own perverted way, this new system