Month: March 2018

Pity Party

Yesterday at work I felt nauseous. There was no reason for it. I hadn’t eaten anything weird. Everything else seemed normal. And then it passed. Until it was back. The nausea gave way to intermittent pain and then nothing before

Wish Us Luck

I despair about returning to normal, whatever that is. The last year has been very stressful for me. I had two procedures for kidney stones, and then a couple of months later, rotator cuff surgery. That was three hospital procedures

We’re Serious

Yesterday’s conference was as boring as I’d thought it would be. There was really no point in going, especially when management refuses to implement anything learned there. But they did pay me for the day so that’s something. There seems

Pubic Fashion Statements

My review of the Balls Bare Balm started me thinking about the larger subject of body hair removal. Throughout history various cultures have favored body hair removal. Over the last forty years, we’ve gone from full bush to bare. It’s