A Day About Nothing

We spent yesterday in bed. Neither of us wore a stitch of clothing. We both slept on and off. There wasn’t even a hint of sex or, for that matter, FLRD. We just relaxed. Today promised to be quiet too. Though we have a dinner reservation for Mrs. Lion’s birthday dinner. That will be fun.

A couple of days ago, I attempted to do some manscaping. I figured that I could save Mrs. Lion some work. I use a Norelco body shaver. I managed to nick my balls in several, painful places. I think the blades are getting dull. I ordered a new razor head yesterday. Hopefully, that will reduce the carnage.

We also binge-watched “Mozart in the Jungle” yesterday. I love that show because it is about two of my favorite things: Manhattan and classical music. We had a two-year backlog. I didn’t get through all of it, but enough to sate me for now.

Clearly, none of this has a thing to do about power exchanges or sex. Well, sex wasn’t on my mind. I had a very nice orgasm on Friday night. Mrs. Lion let me hump her hand until I came. That’s very good exercise! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. All that edging took something out of me, I guess.

Once I am clear of this illness, I’m sure things will clear up. Meanwhile, we are both of very good cheer. I’m sure Mrs. Lion will have more to say later today.

3 comments on “A Day About Nothing
  1. dayliacatt says:

    How nice to spend your day like that, Master hates staying in bed once he’s awake. Whereas I used to love a lie in. I tend to do it, midweek if I’ve nothing on. Hood you have a nice chilled out day xxxx

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