Month: April 2018

After writing about the importance of locking Lion away so he can’t touch himself, I had to leave him unlocked for a few days. Even last night his sore spots made him ask not to play. Let me say that

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion prepared a great brunch complete with bacon, scrambled eggs, home fries, and english muffins. We rarely have such elaborate meals at home. It was wonderful. Saturday night, when Mrs. Lion edged me, she noticed some red spots

My weenie got a little red while sporting the nylon cage. There were sore spots here and there but nothing to stop Lion from wearing it. Last night, however, Lion asked me if a spot looked red. It didn’t but

Mrs. Lion and I tend to write about similar things. We don’t plan it. It just happens.  In Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, she wrote about my ambivalence at being in a chastity device. She’s right. My attitude toward it isn’t