Month: April 2018

Wishy Washy Lion

Lion spends a lot of time thinking about the cage. It makes sense. It’s attached to him. I don’t and that makes sense too. It’s not attached to me. It doesn’t pinch me. It doesn’t keep me from getting erections.

Back In The Jail Bird

Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm on Thursday night. I had to pay for it first. She put two generous applications of Icy Hot on my balls. When the first one was wearing off, she applied the second. Mercifully, she

Braised Balls

Last night didn’t start out very well. Our power went out a little after 4. Lion called me to come home and help with the generator. Unfortunately, several traffic lights were out and I realized this was more of a

When It Really Counts

I’ve resolved to be a lot less analytical about our power exchange. You can help to keep me honest. Mrs. Lion tends to use punishments to correct explicit rules I have. Almost all of them cover behaviors that don’t cause