Month: April 2018

Spicy Lion Balls

If Lion noticed he made no mention of the fact that I moved the Icy Hot so I would remember to use it. I told him I was going to put it on the bed but I worried the dog

Self Control

Mrs. Lion is right. I get too involved in things that are strictly her domain. She owns me and the cage. She and she alone decides when I am locked or wild. She decides which cage I wear. Period. She

Time for Bed

“You seem happier now that the cage is back on,” Lion said as we were settling in for bed. Do I? What am I doing that makes me seem happier? He couldn’t answer that. Then he asked if I thought

It’s Just Who We Are Now

Monday night Mrs. Lion asked me if I was horny. I had an orgasm on Sunday, so she was fairly sure that I probably wasn’t. I couldn’t honestly answer. She’s had me locked in the nylon cage at all times